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In order for Denver Republicans to successfully impact elections, we must:

Acquire the Best Data Available

Recruit and Train Brand Ambassadors

Engage in More 1-on-1 Conversations

Increase Engagement With Traditional Media

Maintain Conversations Through a Better Digital Presence

Offer a Republican to Vote For In Every Race

What does that mean?

star We must know who to talk to:

The development, acquisition. and use of data is critical to any successful campaign. With your support. we can acquire new and actionable information about voters to complement the data we already have in order to best communicate with residents of Denver.

star We must know what to tell them:

Our commitment to Republican values includes a commitment to communicating those values to others clearly, consistently, and persuasively. Branding, testing our message, and continually refining it, are all made possible with your support.

star We must make connections:

It requires a substantial team to make meaningful and genuine connections with the residents of Denver. With your support, we will recruit and train a team of courageous party ambassadors with the reach and resources to effectively share the party message to all of Denver. These ambassadors will make one-on-one connections through door knocking and event attendance in order to tell Denver what we’re all about.

These ambassadors will not be alone. Beginning with our improved web presence, we will support these ambassadors through a renewed commitment to engagement in digital. social. and conventional media outlets.

starWe must give them a way to take action:

After successfully sharing our Republican value with our friends and neighbors, we must also provide them an opportunity to take action. That means a Republican running in every race and recognizable Republican solutions for every issue.

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