Who’s Running in Denver?

July 6, 2020

We have 119 days until the November 3rd elections, and our Denver County candidates need your help to ensure our path to victory. 

´╗┐The Trump Victory team will be conducting weekly Campaign Sidekick Training for volunteers to prepare them to canvass on behalf of our candidates. I encourage you to participate in this training – it will give you the foundation to meaningfully contribute to the success of our Republican candidates in this election.

Denver County has 9 candidates running this election cycle, and they need your support in phone banking, canvassing, and contributions. Please visit their websites to learn more about them, and how you can get involved. 

Samantha Koch for House District 1 ~ Samantha Koch

Contribute to Samantha’s campaign at: https://samantha-koch-a3c7.revv.co/donate-today

Victoria Partridge for House District 2 ~ Victoria Partridge

Contribute to Victoria’s campaign at: todhttps://www.victoriaforhousedistrict2.com/contribute

Grant Price for House District 4 ~ Grant Price

Jonathan Woodley for House District 5 ~ Jonathan Woodley

Contribute to Jonathan’s campaign at: https://committee-to-elect-jonathan-woodley.revv.co/donate-today

Bill McAleb for House District 6 ~ Bill McAleb

Contribute to Bill’s campaign at: https://donate.billbringsitt.com/donate

Larry Braig for House District 9 ~ Larry Braig

Contribute to Larry’s campaign at: https://secure.anedot.com/larry-braig/donate

Doug Townsend for Senate District 31 ~ Doug Townsend

Contribute to Doug’s campaign at: https://dougtownsendforyou.revv.co/donate-today

Shane Bolling for Congressional District 1 ~ Shane Bolling

Contribute to Shane’s campaign at: https://secure.anedot.com/shane-bolling-campaign/donate

You can also support our candidates by purchasing an Upset 2020 t-shirt

Thank you for being the best part of our success! We hope you’ll join us!

Coy Ebell, Campaign Director, Denver Republican Party